Getting Started
-Structure Dataset
-DNA rendering
-Surface Dataset
-Scalar Field Dataset: X-ray
-Scalar Field Dataset: EM
-Topograph Dataset
-Electrostatic Potential I
-Electrostatic Potential II
-Geometric Primitives
-Stereo output
-Saving the viewing matrix


Stereo output

The visible picture on the screen can easily be saved in stereo format. The scene command scene set view, per default set to center, can be used to look at the left or right orientation of the stereo pair. Therefore to create a stereo picture, the left and right views are written out, combined into a single image and printed at a width of 13cm. The below script uses montage from the ImageMagick package.
Download this script: stereo.scr
// replace png with tiff if your PNG lib causes problems
// increase the number after -s for better resolution
scene set view=left
write l.png -s 1000
scene set view=right
write r.png -s 1000
scene set view=center
// the system command below uses montage from the ImageMagick package!
system montage +label +frame +shadow -geometry 100% -tile 2x1 l.png r.png stereo.png
system rm l.png r.png