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last updated 14 Sep 2016

Patched POV-ray Version: smooth_color_triangle

While POV-ray is an excellent raytracer, it misses a feature which is utilized in a number of visualization approaches: triangles with individual colors for each vertex, which are interpolated during rendering.

In an attempt to add this feature, I have added a little patch to the current (3.1g) POV-ray source. This adds the object smooth_color_triangle to a mesh object (and only to a mesh object). It is specified like smooth_triangle, with added colors (see the syntax specification below). 

Please feel free to contact me about this patch at ansgar dot philippsen at unibas.ch

09 Sep 1999

After I released the first patch, I found two problems when using standard meshes. A malloc error could occur and normal mesh functionality was broken for predefined textures. This should have been fixed with the new version of this patch.


     triangle { <Corner_1>, <Corner_2>, <Corner_3> [MESH_TEXTURE] }
     smooth_triangle { 
     <Corner_1>, <Normal_1>, 
     <Corner_2>, <Normal_2>, 
     <Corner_3>, <Normal_3> 
   } |
  smooth_color_triangle {
     <Corner_1>, <Normal_1>, <Color1>,
     <Corner_2>, <Normal_2>, <Color2>,
     <Corner_3>, <Normal_3> ,<Color3>

(c) 2001-2005 Ansgar Philippsen