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General: Rendering the scene

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last updated 14 Sep 2016

From the shell prompt, render the scene with:

povray +I file.pov

This will render the scene according to the default settings in povray.ini or ~/.povrayrc. There are alot of command line options. Please refer to the manual for a complete overview or just type povray without any options. Just to name a few:

povray +I file.pov +A

Render the scene with (default) antialising enabled. Removes staircase effects along edges. Rendering takes longer, but this is definitely recommended for final images.

povray +I file.pov +W1000 +H1000

Sets the image size, overriding settings in ~/.povrayrc. I usually render everything at 500x500 initially, and increase the size for the final images.

povray +I file.pov +D +SP4
Display images during rendering, first a coarse (4x4) approximation, then a 2x2 and then the final image. (I have this in my ~./povrayrc because I find it very useful)

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