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19th October 2006

No news for a long time? True, development has ceased, but new snapshots are occasionally available.

24th May 2004

Fixed broken email on server. If you have registered but did not receive a password yet, please use this link to generate a new one.

7th April 2004

Release candidate 5 of version 0.9.0 is available in the download section.

12th September 2003

An updated version of the v0.9 reference manual is available in PDF format from the Documentation page.

12th September 2003

Added release candidate 3 for version 0.9.0, some more bug-fixes, overall stability looks good. Several new features are already brewing for the 0.9.x release.

13th August 2003

Added v0.9.0 release canditate 2 for linux (glibc2.3), OSX and Irix to the Download Section

27th May 2003

Uploaded release candidate 1 for version 0.9.0. (for i386 and OSX only, other architectures will follow). Contains mostly fixes and tweaks to conform to 0.9 reference manual.

27th May 2003

Server is up and running after some hardware upgrades, mail-delivery should also be working again. Apologies for any inconvenience!

9th April 2003

Another snapshot for linux and irix, containing support for the xtc trajectory format from the GROMACS package.

7th April 2003

Uploaded yet another snapshot, contains some fixes for the scalar-field dataset.

1st April 2003

Finally I managed to put some questions/answers in the FAQ section online

5th May 2003

Uploaded new OSX snapshot, provided by Simon Berneche.

1st April 2003

Added electron microscopy density tutorial

31st March 2003

Added new snapshot (for i386, irix, sun and osf1): first releases of v0.8.6 (last one before 0.9). Other architectures follow within the next days.

18th March 2003

Updated the reference manual draft in the Documentation section. It is very complete now, and I hope to follow up with the definite 0.9 release soon (where soon is of course relative)

9th December 2002

Added new snapshot. Contains some bugfixes (in particular the distance calculation is working again). Also added the possibility to display a ruler on-screen.

9th October 2002

The newest linux snapshot (20021009) supports stereo on linux, if your OpenGL implementation provides a stereo visual (e.g. the NVIDIA Quadro series and the newest X driver). Use the command line flag -stereo to activate.

7th October 2002

Simon Berneche has been working hard on the OSX implementation, and you can download the fruits of his efforts in the OSX download area: A fully functional snapshot with input shell, object menu (better than the original) and more. Try it out and give us feedback in the forum.