CHANGES FOR v0.9.2 to v0.9.4 ============================ Features -------- MSE (seleno-met) residues are now properly recognized as protein residues addedd x,z,y to atom selection properties Bug Fixes --------- added missing occ property for struct dataset orientation flag for surface rendering activated again depth-buffer fixed for offscreen rendering under OSX fixed rpn stack overflow CHANGES FOR v0.9.1-1 ===================== Features --------- added cotrans to surf Bug Fixes --------- fixed geom object transparency fixed isocontour memory heuristics for huge maps fixed slow iso-countouring for non-selections fixed OSX Tiger Problems for maps CHANGES FOR v0.9.0-rc6 to 0.9.0-rc10 ==================================== Bug Fixes --------- fixed 4 character chain length for crd files fixed bug for crd files that contain wrong atom count fixed missing texture decl in povray 3.5 output of scalar field obj fixed -nogfx flag under X11 fixed slow topograph surface colouring fixed contour object line rendering for "older" OpenGL implementations fixed OSX user menu bug in "center CS" fixed missing atom properties for attached surface selection fixed povray fog output for non-black backgrounds fixed bug in mat M3ToM4 conversion fixed geom tri not filled for set fill Feature Tweaks -------------- added auto swapping to charmmb tweaked several informative messages addedd ext property to scal added missing render splines property added message for fov out-of-bounds CHANGES FOR v0.9.0-rc5 ====================== Bug Fixes --------- fixed unclean exit that could cause a crash under linux fixed bug in scalar-field selection fixed bug in CONECT record for pdb read in fixed bug in geom dataset with faulty return message handling fixed geom tube object render properties are all in sane default state fixed incorrect error handling during db or obj wildcard usage fixed superflous memory allocations in contouring fixed: obj centers are correctly precalculated fixed: surface obj center includes transformation Feature Tweaks -------------- added new fog keywords fogno and fogfo, modified default fog offsets (+10 and 0) added povray untransformed export with -u flag CHANGES FOR v0.9.0-rc3 ====================== Bug Fixes --------- default transparency for contour objects is now 1 (was 0.3) fixed several small bugs occuring during error handling for scalar field dataset center command is now present in OSX obj menu default model is 1 (was -1) assertion "sel->compiled" fixed non-standard atom names no longer cause occasional crashes scalar field dataset <> selection works with transformation coord dataset write command honors transformation improved element determination from atom names in PDB files "get center" command works for geom dataset fixed POVray scalar field color output accum (-a) write now honors view settings dataset transformation is now reflected in $CP render is called after coord-obj set command fixed surface reset parameters scene spin working again CP can be set as variable from shell shell commands 'unalias' and 'unset' work now eyedist may be negative New Features (not really suitable for release candidates...) ------------------------------------------------------------ added GROMACS coordinate file ".gro" format added scene parameter splitmode (0 per default for straight, 1 for cross-eye) added -f flag to dino startup flags (fast load instead of -s), also works with @ command CHANGES FOR v0.8.6 ================== New Features ------------ added GROMACS xtc trajectory format added spider scalar-field format added surface curvature property 'curv' that ranges from -1.0 (all adjacent faces are concave) to 1.0 (all adjavent faces are convex) shell / interpreter code re-written from scratch, in preparation for TCL (or similar) scripting GUI code mostly rewritten, graphical frontend is now completely separated from backend, to facilitate porting to OSX (and _maybe_ MSWin) added .dinorc file; currently supported are: 1) an exec block that contains commands to be executed upon startup, eg exec { scene set bg=white scene set fov=40 } 2) flags dial_rot_scale, dial_trans_scale, mouse_rot_scale and mouse_trans_scale to set the multiplication factor for these input devices, eg: dial_rot_scale 0.5 dial_trans_scale 0.5 added new flag to generate POVray v3.5 output "-v35" scene is centered on the first dataset that is loaded iff scene transformation was not set previously (e.g. with a scene set rtc=...) invalid chars in filenames are replaced with underscore upon loading (allowd chars are a-z, A-Z, 0-9, - and _ ) added gz support to msms files (ie you can now have surf.vert.gz and surf.face.gz) assignement of secondary structure based on HELIX and SHEET entries in PDB file (no dssp-like algorithm implemented yet) using '.ds.obj material' without parameters will show the current settings for 'ds.obj render': detail1 is always amount of spherical/circular subdivision (e.g. spheres for cpk, tube cross-section), detail2 is the number of spline segments for spline/hsc/tube mousewheel can be used to zoom added '-range' parameter 'clamp' to assign all values smaller, resp larger to first, resp second color, e.g. .struct.obj set color=blue:red -range prop=bfac,val=30:80,clamp tube diameter is now set with the render flag 'tubew' (not anymore with 'bw') added render flag 'userad': this will cause the tube-radius (set with 'tubew') to be multiplied with the the CA atom radius, e.g. .struct.trace set rad=0.5:2.0 -range prop=bfac,val=30:80,clamp .struct.trace render tube,tubew=1.0,userad scene property fogd renamed to fogo (fog offset), this is now an absolut value added scene properties 'fogm' (fog method, one of 'linear' (default), 'exp' & 'exp2') and fogd (density for 'exp' and 'exp2' method) depth effect is _off_ per default (turn on with 'scene set depthc') added binpos format removed raster3d output (use povray instead) auto-detection of swapping for binary data (ie the -swap flag upon load is no longer necessary) 'render' is automatically called after 'set' command for struct ds added round caps to HSC and tube ends added -c flag to uhbd load to convert units based on header scale added -rn flag to surf load command, forcing a renormalization of the normal vectors added scene command "rock" (toggles rocking motion on and off) added ".dcd" as CHARMM trj extension added startup flag "-noom" to avoid object menu being displayed scene stack is now populated with coordinates rather than atom ids added ruler (scene show ruler) Bug Fixes --------- scalar-field geometric center and center of rotation now identical obj limitation for struct dataset removed render nice/fast work for geom objects fixed distance/angle/torsion bug spaceball and dialbox should work again (even on linux) geom object are now visible behind transparent objects render light2 works again fixed 'render !intpol' crash fixed struct obj transparency variables names may have - or _ in their name mix/max should work now in -range flag fixed hsc/tube crashes 'render sr=0' resp 'render bw=0' will deactivate sphere, resp cyl rendering fixed 'degenerate cylinder error' in POVray output reduced memory usage of scalar-field object by ~30%